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    @thesartorialist camera! It is amazing thy he left it on the table for few minutes :) Nice talk with the @thesartorialist  @domusacademy #montepulciano #teramo #jerrythomas #abruzzo

Organic Shadows

I am very attracted to organic beauty. Living in Italy makes finding this kind of inspiration a very easy task. Especially that there are many common symbols that reminds me of Damascus. Sometimes, when I come around something like these hanged clothes, I cannot believe that I am in Europe! But I mean that in … Continue reading

BLUE – Just Like The Water

It is so possible to win over life. I know it is. As long as I have my colours nothing can beat me. My canvas and colours can evaporate all my fears, intensify all my dreams, bring me back to my safety net. Drawing is my drug of choice. You can try to pause my … Continue reading

Organic Beauty

I am having a day full of pastels, wild organic roses and mellow music… Everywhere I look I find these beautiful flowers crying for a picture. I couldn’t stop myself. So Immediately after I took some photos, I headed back to my modest desk, picked my pastel palette, put some music and used the photos for inspiration. … Continue reading

GOING BACK TO BASIS — The City of Jasmine

All fair in love and war. Is it really!   In times of difficulties, especially in times of war, many find themselves going back to basis in an attempt to cope with their present. What I find it particularly interesting is how people go back to old creative habits such as painting, while others simply daydream about their childhood, immersing themselves in a … Continue reading

LodenTal- When the world of Monks and Fashion Collides

I first heard about the Italian brand lodental while I was reading reviews about Milan Men Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014. The name sounded interesting, as I have always admired organic fabrics that combine aesthetics and function such as loden. I am particularly fond of loden as it really has amazing characteristics. Although it is thick and warm, it still … Continue reading

Haute Couture — 24 Hours a Day, Everyday

Each and every year in Paris, an estimated 200 niche club members gather from all over the world at the Ritz hotel to attend the Haute Couture shows. What do they all have in common? the desire and means to take possession of big-ticket sartorial dresses that you and I could only dream of. Haute … Continue reading

McQueen And I ­­— 17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

I find it quiet daunting to talk about the fashion figures that had a true influence on me. I almost feel like I am cheating on them as I don’t really know who to start with. Each one of these figures have an impact on me and they have left their mark in different ways. However, La Sciamia … Continue reading

On Finding Your Element

If you are a designer, you have someone close to you who is a designer or an aspiring one, then you will be able to relate to what I am going to say. Before I go further, I would like you to know that I no longer consider myself a Fashion Designer. In fact, this statement … Continue reading

The Empress Vreeland- Why Don’t You?

The Human race is blessed to be born with the power of imagination. It is one of these abilities that differentiates us from other species. It is only when we surpass our basic instincts such as fear, hunger and sex, that we manage to travel and explore places that are only limited by our very … Continue reading


I am fully aware of the fact that what I am about to ask is not a genius question.. However, every now and then, we encounter an exceptional intellectual ability, a work of art, that leave us wondering, or even better inspired! Oh, yes, the question! What makes a specific tune, a painting, a pair … Continue reading